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Conservatives will regret putting Dems in power

Reflecting on frequent conservative threats to punish the Republican Party by sitting out the 2006 election, Tony Blankley warns against the temptation to be stupid:

Here are some telltale signs of the sort of person who would vote (or not vote) to cause the election of a party that would act to defeat every value and interest he holds dear (merely because the party that will at least try to advance most of those issues has not done as well as he might have hoped):

  1. When offered by a car dealer 25 percent off on a car, he insists on paying the full factory-recommended retail sticker price — because he is damned if he will accept 25 percent when he deserves 30 percent off.
  2. When the prettiest cheerleader asks the nerd to take her to the prom, he turns her down — just because he can.
  3. When stopped for doing 70 in a 65 zone, he tells the trooper that’s not possible because he had the cruise control set on 90 — he just resents being falsely charged.
  4. When diagnosed with a serious illness, he promptly cancels his medical insurance — in order to save the cost of premium payments to help pay for the upcoming hospital stay.

This current conservative petulance — if it actually occurs on Nov. 7 — will increase the chances of electing Hillary, or worse (if such a thing is possible) in 2008.
There is no rational policy or political basis for conservatives not voting. I’m not sure the country can take the current Democratic mob in power for long.
A realist once observed that the history of mankind is little more than the triumph of the heartless over the mindless.
The Democrats are obviously heartless. Conservatives must guard against falling into the category of the mindless. Ignore your heartfelt peevements, use your brains and vote.

Be optimistic, keep fighting, don’t believe the hype, and VOTE.