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They really do want to destroy marriage

Until last week, most same-sex “marriage” advocates have tried to downplay their objectives by claiming that they only want to extend the benefits of marriage to “committed, loving same-sex couples.” But now they’ve finally discarded that fig leaf.
A new lefty activist group called announces that they don’t just want government support for gay “marriage”; they want to officially place multiple sex partner relationships on the same level as heterosexual monogamous marriage:

The struggle for marriage rights should be part of a larger effort to strengthen the stability and security of diverse households and families. To that end, we advocate:

  • Legal recognition for a wide range of relationships, households and families — regardless of kinship or conjugal status.
  • Access for all, regardless of marital or citizenship status, to vital government support programs including but not limited to health care, housing, Social Security and pension plans, disaster recovery assistance, unemployment insurance and welfare assistance.

Marriage is not the only worthy form of family or relationship, and it should not be legally and economically privileged above all others. A majority of people — whatever their sexual and gender identities — do not live in traditional nuclear families. They stand to gain from alternative forms of household recognition beyond one-size-fits-all marriage. For example:

  • Single parent households
  • Senior citizens living together and serving as each other’s caregivers (think Golden Girls)
  • Blended and extended families
  • Children being raised in multiple households or by unmarried parents
  • Adult children living with and caring for their parents
  • Senior citizens who are the primary caregivers to their grandchildren or other relatives
  • Close friends or siblings living in non-conjugal relationships and serving as each other’s primary support and caregivers
  • Households in which there is more than one conjugal partner

Did you catch that last one? “More than one conjugal partner.” For years conservatives have warned Americans that this is what the radical homosexual activists have been after, and now they’ve finally admitted it.

We advocate the expansion of existing legal statuses, social services and benefits to support the needs of all our households.
We call on colleagues working in various social justice movements and campaigns to read the full-text of our statement “Beyond Same-Sex Marriage: A New Strategic Vision,” and to join us in our call for government support of all our households.

They really do want to eliminate real marriage, and this isn’t some tiny splinter group. These folks have some major liberal names in their corner.
Smokescreens like this are going to disappear. Now you know what the real stakes are. Don’t say you weren’t warned.
Hat tip: Ohio Conservative
Update: Is this next?
Update 2: At least one gay rights activist sees the danger in’s blunt honesty. Too little, too late. (Hat tip: Matt Hill Comer)
Meanwhile, Good As You bobs and weaves. How long until the major gay activist groups line up behind this manifesto? I give it 3 years, tops.

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