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The differences between DeWine and Brown

Republican National Committee Chairman Ken Mehlman spoke at The City Club Of Cleveland today. Here’s an excerpt:

Mike DeWine and Sherrod Brown are both good men … but they have very different philosophies.
Brown began his political career as a volunteer for George McGovern – and he doesn’t seem to have changed much since then.
Mike DeWine believes that we should continue to use tools like the Patriot Act to catch terrorist sleeper cells in the United States.
Brown voted nine times against the Patriot Act.
Mike DeWine believes in giving our intelligence community every tool it needs to find the terrorists wherever they are hiding.
Sherrod Brown has voted at least five times to cut intelligence funding.
The B-2 and F-22 are vital tools in our fight, and Sherrod Brown voted against them.
North Korea is testing long-range missiles, but Sherrod Brown voted against missile defense.
There is a real difference between the candidates.
It’s not about who is more patriotic or who loves our country more.
Both men want America to be safe … but they have very different strategies for how to do that, and that difference is the choice Ohio voters face in three months.

In this particular Senate race, I am definitely a one-issue voter … and it’s the same issue that drove my vote for President in 2004 (more here).
Hat tip: Steven Kelso