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Questions, questions

  1. If Israel could only crush Hezbollah by wrecking all of Lebanon’s civilian infrastructure, would it still be worth doing?
  2. If a multinational force actually enters southern Lebanon to prevent further conflict, how can we be confident that it will actually attack any Hezbollah fighters moving into its “territory”?
  3. Why can’t the American military join in the attack on Hezbollah? Is there anything of great importance to our national interests that we really stand to lose if we strike? Wouldn’t the benefits of crushing Hezbollah far outweigh the liabilities?
  4. Would Islamists be deterred if America announced that any Islamist nuke attack on us would result in our destruction of the Kaaba? What about less severe deterrents?
  5. When will our political leaders admit that we’re in a War on Islamism, not a “War on Terror”?
  6. Why are Islamist web sites and bulletin boards permitted to exist when America has thousands of hackers who would love to be paid to destroy them?
  7. When will America finally tire of playing diplomatic footisie at the U.N., and abandon that corrupt den of vipers for good?