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Islam is the problem

Dean Barnett looks into the abyss of Islamism:

The evidence continues to pour in that the Islamic World is undergoing its own great awakening. So obvious is the phenomenon, even the New York Times took notice of it yesterday. In a story that observed the triumph of Islamism, the combination of orthodox Islam with political power, the Times declared pan-Arab Islamism “a wave already washing over the region.”
monkeysSuch reports don’t provide comfort. An expansionist and aggressive form of Pan-Arab Islam seems to be something that we as a society currently lack the bandwidth to handle. Instead, we choose to convince ourselves that those who intend us harm are confined to lunatic fringe groups like Al Qaeda.
With the success of Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood at the ballot box, this view is becoming increasingly untenable. Also disquieting is the huge popularity that Hezbollah now basks in after its war with Israel.
The comforting false hopes is that there’s some way we can achieve peace in our time by combining obsequious diplomacy and carefully targeted ignorance. This view disregards recent history. Bill Clinton and his lackeys spent eight years assiduously endeavoring to be an honest broker in the Middle East. The distinctions between Israel and a murderous tyrant like Yasser Arafat eluded President Clinton’s highly refined sense of morality.
And what did these policies bring? Blown up embassies, nearly sunk destroyers, an attack on the World Trade Center. None of these things brought a muscular response. In fairness to Clinton, his policies as always reflected the daily opinion polls – as a people, we hoped that if we left the region alone or successfully appeased it, the region could pursue its honor killings, subjugation of women, murder of homosexuals and occasional genocides without bothering us.

Others more acutely recognize the threat, but are hamstrung by their fealty to political correctness. If a major daily paper ever wrote an essay like this one, CAIR would pitch a fit. Writing pieces like this invariably brings angry rebukes from those who refuse to look into the abyss and would rather focus their considerable capacity for rage at less formidable targets than hundreds of millions of angry, dangerous people.
But an abyss is what we face. And looking away won’t change a thing.

They are not crazy, they are not subhuman scum, and there are an awful lot of them.
Update: At least the British population is waking up.