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Hezbollah’s Iwo Jima

The American Thinker compares Hezbollah’s strategy in Lebanon to Imperial Japan’s strategy on Iwo Jima:

The pro-Iranian, Lebanese Shiite terrorist organization has turned a number of southern Lebanese hillsides and towns into fortified death-traps. It has spent the better part of the past six years since the Israeli withdrawal from southern Lebanon turning several hilltop towns into an Iwo Jima-like maze of fortified bunkers, spider holes, pill-boxes, sniper dens, fields of anti-tank mines and IEDs, and interconnected tunnels.

Over whatever time remains before the conflict is forced to end, the IDF will take apart the Hezbollah terrorist-guerrillas that made the ultimate error of remaining in fixed positions. It is Hezbollah that is stoked in the passions and delusions of over-confidence. If Hezbollah takes comfort from fighting in fixed positions, they need only brush up on Napoleon, who said “the army that remains in its forts is beaten.” Or perhaps read up on how General Kuribayashi Tadamichi’s Japanese force of 21,000 at Iwo Jima was reduced by the United States Marines to just over 120 POWs (an additional 900 wounded were captured).

I’m glad someone else notices the similarities here. I’ve been thinking along these lines for awhile now.
More Iwo-esque commentary:
Update: Steve Schippert at thinks Hezbollah’s on the ropes. Maybe so, if Israel stays focused on crushing the Hezbos where they sit, andif the IDF can do it fast enough to beat the unspoken deadline (defined as “the point when political pressure inevitably weakens the Bush Administration’s willingness to delay a ceasefire”).
Hat tip: Hugh Hewitt