1. Hey, thanks for the link. More interesting questions about the tragedy at Qana today after the blog EU Referendum noticed that one man always seems to show up anytime there is a tragic Israeli strike in Lebanon in time to be photographed by the press holding dead children.
    Apparently, he’s been doing this sort of thing for years. And no one ever asks who he is or how he happens to be on scene to show the press all these bodies of dead children.
    After the shock and horror, people with long memories, well even short memories, begin to ask questions.
    After all, the world was outraged with the “news” that 500-600 people were massacred by Israelis in the West Bank town of Jenin several years ago. Turns out that some 53 will killed, only 22 civilians in a battle which cost 23 Israeli lives.
    But once you get the photos of dead children on TV and outrage builds, those who want to believe every bad thing will hear no more.

  2. People who dont think Hezbollah is evil wont even give this evidence a second look. They dont care about it – it hurts their case.

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