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5 of 10 Iraqi divisions take the lead on security

We’re halfway there:

The Iraqi army took an important step forward Tuesday by marking the halfway point for division headquarters to take the lead for security operations throughout the country.
The 4th Iraqi Army Division assumed control of their area of responsibility, encompassing regions spanning three of Iraq�s northern provinces, Salahad Din, As Sulaymaniyah and At-Ta�mim provinces.
Its area of responsibility includes the cities of Tikrit, Kirkuk, Bayji and Samarra, as well as the major oil and electrical infrastructure in northern Iraq.
The 4th IA Division is the fifth of 10 Iraqi Army divisions to take control over Iraqi units in their assigned regions. In addition, there have been 25 brigades and 85 battalions assuming operational command and control to date.

Excellent news! Cutting and running now would be a fiasco of epic proportions. Remember this the next time you hear someone moaning about the “quagmire” in Iraq.