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What should Israel do in the coming days?

I’m no military strategist and I only served 9 years in the military, so take what I suggest with a pinch of salt. That said, Israel ought to capitalize on its capacity for speed, surprise, and violence of action in defeating its enemies. The principles of close-quarters battle could really make the difference for Israel on a tactical level.
Granted, Israel cannot maintain strategic surprise (“will they attack us?”) but it still has tactical surprise (“where/when/how will they attack us?”). That is often more than enough, as in our own invasion of France in WWII. Israel’s enemies are ill-equiped, poorly-trained, and cannot defend everything all the time. Israel also has fantastic intelligence resources to call upon that will help it exploit those weaknesses.
The Israeli Defense Force is well-versed in low-intensity urban combat, yet it also retains the ability for deep strikes into a neighboring enemy nation’s territory. You can see that already in Lebanon if you look at how the Israeli Air Force continues to destroy bridges, roads, and runways, while the Navy blockades Lebanese ports. This denies Hezbollah the easy resupply they’ve enjoyed until now.
As for violence of action, does anyone seriously doubt that a nation that routinely targets terrorist leaders for assassination will suddenly lose its nerve when those same terrorist leaders hide behind corrupt Middle Eastern autocracies while lobbing missiles and kidnapping Israeli troops? I thought not.
After Israel eliminates the immediate threats in Lebanon and the Gaza Strip, it should issue an ultimatum to Syria: “Immediately return all kidnapped Israeli troops, cease all support of Hezbollah and Hamas, turn over their leaders, and unconditionally repudiate terrorism in all its forms.” Naturally, Syria will refuse.
At that point Israel should wreck Syria: destroy its military, decapitate its government, ruin its communications networks, and reduce its critical infrastructure to rubble. Israel can’t afford to try an occupation. It hasn’t the troops or the resources to pull it off. Just wreck the place, go home, and repeat as needed (Iran, are you listening?).
It’d be one heck of an object lesson for Islamists and their supporting regimes: attack Israel, and you live in darkness. They respect nothing except the will to use overwhelming power. I hope Israel wallops them hard.

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