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Report: WMDs found in Iraq

This afternoon, Senator Rick Santorum and Representative Pete Hoekstra jointly announced that weapons of mass destruction have indeed been found in Iraq (in this case, poison gas). The announcement comes as a result of a just-declassified intelligence summary released today (available here in PDF format).
Hugh Hewitt interviewed Santorum this evening. Radio Blogger caught the audio and posted a transcript.
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Update (9:45 PM): Writing in the Chicago Sun-Times four days ago, John Burroughs asked the world to listen to Hans Blix’s latest blatherings because … wait for it … “His call as chief U.N. weapons inspector prior to the invasion of Iraq for continued inspections instead of military action was vindicated by the later failure to find WMD.” Too funny.
Update (6/22/06, 12:38 AM): Hugh Hewitt wonders why the Bush administration withheld this information for so long, and offers two possible explanations.