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OH-13: It’s Foltin vs. Sutton (89% reporting)

Craig Foltin: 10,152 (38%)
David McGrew: 6,321 (23%)
Joe Ortega III: 5,289 (19%)
Paul S. Burtzlaff: 3,505 (13%)
C. J. DeLorean: 1,923 (7%)
Betty Sutton: 18,688 (31%)
Capri Cafaro: 15,256 (25%)
Tom Sawyer: 13,739 (22%)
Gary Kucinich: 7,855 (13%)
Bill Grace: 3,326 (5%)
Michael Lyons: 933 (2%)
John Wolfe: 871 (1%)
Norbert Dennerll: 410 (1%)
I know that this District’s going to stay blue, but at this point we can only hope that the GOP Machine wakes up.
It used to be that you could shrug off Republican losses here by blaming Sherrod Brown’s war chest and name recognition. This time around, the Republican Party overwhelmingly racked up endorsements for Craig Foltin, so the name recognition excuse is gone.
Watch and see if our party really funds Foltin well in the general election race. They no longer have Sherrod Brown’s war chest to complain about. If the GOP doesn’t push gobs of money to Foltin’s campaign, you can bet it’ll be a tacit admission that their RINO candidate is destined for the business end of Betty Sutton’s steamroller. If the party does help Foltin, it only means that their collision with reality has been delayed until November.
Alas, poor Capri. We hardly knew ye.
[Note: Cross-posted at the SOB Alliance]