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Mayor keeps dead Marine’s money, court order be damned

*Update below*

My very good Colorado-born friend e-mailed me a revolting story from

The mother of a U.S. Marine was grieving for her dead son when she found that his savings account had been claimed by the director of the funeral home.
It was money that he had no right to and despite a court ruling, the funeral director refused to pay. What’s even more puzzling is that he’s not just any debtor, he’s the mayor of the small town and a member of a City Council that has financial responsibility for the city’s budget.

Jason’s body was returned to Colorado for burial. Records show that the funeral was paid, in full, by the Marines. But after closing out her son’s accounts, Jason’s mother realized that the probate court had sent the proceeds of Jason’s savings account to the funeral home, which is run by Jim Bostick.

In addition to his duties as mayor and member of the Ft. Lupton City Council, [Jim] Bostick also owns two funeral homes. In his role with the city, he is heavily involved in overseeing the finances of the town.

OK, milbloggers. Let’s close ranks and charge.
Bostick Funeral Home
106 N 10th Ave
Brighton, CO 80601
Bostick Funeral Home
806 Denver Ave
Fort Lupton, CO 80621
(303) 857-2290
City of Fort Lupton
130 S. McKinley Avenue
Fort Lupton, CO 80621
(303) 857-4707/-6694
(303) 857-0351 [fax]
Fort Lupton City Council:
Barb Rogers, Fort Lupton City Clerk:

Update: The original story ran on April 28th. Today, an encouraging follow-up was posted by
John Donovan asks us to “gently and politely remind Mr. Mayor Bostick to follow through – and that means we need to follow-up. A gentle heat, that would be ‘simmer’ on your blog-stove. Why? Because Bostick would appear to be a deadbeat.” Sounds like a good plan. Trust, but verify.

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