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Internal poll: Burtzlaff leads Republican field in OH-13

Moments ago, I received the following e-mail from an anonymous source within the Paul S. Burtzlaff for Congress campaign:

Dear Brain Shavings:
We are releasing the following polling numbers in the Republican Primary for Congress,OH-13:
In a poll of 985 likely voting registered Republicans conducted between Wednesday, April 26, 2006 and Saturday, April 29, 2006:

Paul S. Burtzlaff is leading the race
for the Republican Nomination:
Paul S. Burtzlaff 35%
Craig Foltin 24%
David McGrew 13%
Joe Ortega 7%
Other 1%
Undecided 20%


Amongst male voters:
Foltin 30%
Burtzlaff 25%
Ortega 10%
Mcgrew 9%
Other 1%
Undecided 25%


Amongst female voters:
Burtzlaff 47%
Mcgrew 19%
Foltin 15%
Ortega 4%
Other 1%
Undecided 14%


Amongst identified pro-life supporters: Burtzlaff is carrying over 57% of the vote
Amongst voters aged 62 or older: Burtzlaff is the leader with over 46% of the vote
Amongst veterans: Burtzlaff is the leader with over 43% of the vote

I’m really sensing an upset now. I wonder if Foltin, McGrew, Ortega and friends have any comment? They can reach me at if they do. Incidentally, as you’ve probably noticed from the disclaimer at lower right, I endorse Paul Burtzlaff in this race.
Update (5/3): Boy, were these numbers ever off the mark! Either my source fed me a line, or the Burtzlaff campaign wasted their money on a pollster with an IQ below room temperature.