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When it comes to border security, Frist still doesn’t get it

National Review Online has an immigration essay by Senator Bill Frist, which contains these key paragraphs:

Last year, Judd Gregg and others lead an effort to hire 1,500 new border patrol agents and build 1,800 new detention beds. The proposal we will consider next week provides nearly $2 billion to build a border fence in high-traffic areas, add new border-patrol aircraft to help police lower traffic areas, and support training for additional Customs and Border Protection Agents.

[Our] action now must occur in concert with finishing action on the bigger immigration bill in May. That legislation contains the full multiyear plan to beef up border-security operations dramatically, including a virtual fence that uses a mix of physical and electronic means to secure every inch of our 1,951-mile border with Mexico.

No, no, no. Wrong. Just as a virtual condom is not a condom, a virtual fence is not a fence. We want a physical barrier, not this:

Virtual fence

When it comes to scuttling one’s own presidential ambitions, Bill Frist is doing yeoman’s work.

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