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An opportunity for the Ohio Republican base

John Palmer at Cleveland Townhall looks at our fiesty Republican primary race and sees an opportunity for conservatives:

For ages (some would say too long) it was common knowledge that the Republican establishment would be the final arbitor when it came time to “choose” a candidate. The premise is understandable … I guess. The decisions were based on the “mechanics” of politics. Who had “connections”. Who could smile and look good dispensing the Party line, errr, platform. Who would be a good soldier and do what was “required” of them when the time came. And most importantly, who could raise money.
The problem was, the Republican Party became more of a candidate assembly line, and in the process, lost it’s soul. The Republican establishment became a kind of jobs program for officials that could keep each other in power.
Well, it looks like the “soul” is back. All of a sudden there’s a movement afoot that has less to do with the Left’s favorite bogey man, the “Right Wing Conspiracy”, and more to do with core values that used to be the soul of the Republican Party. Heck, some of us are even old enough to remember when people who favored traditional values, the sacredness of all life, the right to bear arms, smaller government and lower taxes, and the freedom to choose a quality education for their children weren’t called “conservatives”, they were called Republicans!

If the goal is to simply get people elected with an ‘R’ next to their name, where does it stop? If we continue to water down what that ‘R’ stands for (more people will like us), we’ll win even more elections, right? And end up looking in the mirror and seeing no reflection.

Ohio Republicans — I mean the ones who won’t be getting a job after the November election — are at a watershed moment in this state. They can force “their” Party to live up to the values it was founded on, or they can sit idly by and let the current Republican power brokers continue to run the show.

An accurate diagnosis. We conservatives will support whichever Republicans win their respective primaries, but we have an unusually good chance to put conservatives over the top this year.
Unlike John, I don’t think this is a rare opportunity. I think we’re seeing a sea change. We conservatives can flex our political muscles much more effectively now because we aren’t hamstrung by the mainstream media any more. We can go around them thanks to talk radio, Fox News, and the internet. Watch for this trend to grow in 2008.