Sherrod Brown’s weaknesses hit the Toledo Blade

Paul Hackett, the newly ex-candidate for Mike Dewine’s senate seat, had quite an interesting sackful of opposition research on his fellow Democrat and opponent, Sherrod Brown. How can I be sure? Hackett’s campaign dumped the information right in the lap of the Toledo Blade, which promptly published it.
The article illustrates how Brown is fundamentally weak on supporting our national intelligence efforts (which is no surprise to anyone who’s been paying attention). It won’t hurt him in the Democratic primary, but in the general election race he’ll get hammered as being soft on terrorism. Which he is.
Excuse me while I go crack open a celebratory bottle of Carlsberg beer.
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NixGuy, who points out that Brown has such an impossible uphill climb in the general election that conservatives now have even better reasons to support Bill Pierce over DeWine in the Republican primary.
Hat tip: Hugh Hewitt