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Blackwell’s new ads ruffle the feathers of the GOP establishment

Republican gubernatorial candidate Ken Blackwell just released some hard-hitting ads that slam Governor Taft and Blackwell’s primary opponent Jim Petro for their poor ethics.
Naturally, the Ohio Republican establishment isn’t very happy. GOP head honcho Bob Bennett released a statement chiding Blackwell for his use of “smear tactics.” Petro’s campaign labeled the ads “lies and innuendo.”
The statements in the ads are true and they’re relevant to the campaign, so I don’t care if they have creepy music and unflattering photos of Taft and Petro. Petro needs to answer the allegations convincingly instead of complaining about Blackwell’s tone. Petro’s best response would be to prove he didn’t strongarm potential donors.
Grow up, establishment fatcats. This is what primary elections are all about. As they say in the movie Highlander: there can be only one.
Hat tip: NixGuy