Leftist newspaper vandal caught on camera

Welcome, Hugh Hewitt readers! Make yourselves at home.

Take a good, close look at this champion of intellectual diversity:


She’s cleaning out a newspaper rack full of the latest issue of The Sentinel and dumping the papers in the trash. The Sentinel is Ohio State University’s student conservative newspaper, and its fine writing obviously continues to anger campus leftists in Columbus … because it has the perplexing quirk of disappearing from the racks before leftists in training students get a chance to read the latest commentary from the right. Happily, this Thought Policeperson got caught on camera by the paper’s staff.
Here’s the kicker: according to The Sentinel, she’s a Postdoctoral Researcher who works at OSU’s Environmental Molecular Science Institute.
I’m sure there’ll be more to follow on Dr. Stickyfingers at the newspaper’s blog, The Open End.

NB: I’m also pleased to mention that The Open End is a member (along with Brain Shavings, Wizblog, Eric Hogue, and Hugh Hewitt) of a mighty blog alliance here in Ohio called The Buckeye Bloggers.

  1. Interesting, a postdoctoral “researcher” who apparently specializes in “environmental” research is disposing of information she doesnt like. Gee, I wonder where she could have possibly gotten the idea that she can simply dispose of data that does not confrom to her worldview.
    This just supports my view that “environmental scientists” are not scientists at all but rather priests in training.

  2. great story. results so far not good enough.
    please provide updates about what happens to this gal when the academix get hold of her. will she be properly dealt with or will the profs let her go on grounds that we need to feel the rage at bush’s policies that caused this to happen and so no punishment?
    this person should be suspended at a minimum and also made to write an essay in the sentinel saying how sorry she is for being such a leftoid ranger.
    further, as a condition of her being allowed to stay at osu, she should be required to wear a ronald reagan t-shirt for the remainder of her studies.

  3. I can’t tell for sure that she’s taking multiple copies, let alone “cleaning out … the rack.” Plus, we don’t see her actually throwing anything away. Without one of those two acts, I’m not sure we have much of a case. (I did go to the linked site and saw the larger images there, but I’m left unsure even then.)

  4. Stay tuned, Hal. If she really did dump those newspapers as the editorial staff of The Sentinel claims, I guarantee The Open End will cover it.

  5. Disgraceful, if that’s what she did. I;d rather not her held up as illuminating the lunacy of the left, any more than Wal-Mart should be held up as illustrating the lunacy of the right. Then again, perhaps this leads to why I wouldn’t join a political party, to be smooshed in with people I find unethical.

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