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Blogathon for the troops

Ever wondered what 24 hours of non-stop blogging does to a person? On Saturday you’ll find out … and you’ll also have an opportunity to support some fine charities that look out for our troops. Here are the details:

Four Days Left Until the “Rear Echelon” Blogathon Outshines “Live 8”
Well, outshines Sir Bob Geldof’s little shindig in terms of helping the men and women who serve in our armed forces, anyway.
On Saturday, July 2nd, while David Gilmour and Roger Waters are choking back their bile, WordGirl and I will be venting our spleens for 24 glorious hours of bloggy goodness.
Why risk caffeine overdose and Karpal Tunnel Syndrome, you ask?
Why, to raise money for the Armed Forces Relief Trust, of course, a wonderful charity supporting the Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Air Force, and Marines charities. I served nearly 10 years in the military, and let me tell you, I never darkened the door of a Lamborghini dealership on military pay. These folks are very poorly compensated for saving the world, and the charities under the AFRT umbrella do yeoman’s work in helping our troops and their families make ends meet, particularly in wartime.
Please join us this Saturday, 12 am to 12 am Sunday. It beats watching Paul McCartney crank out Dino Rock for effete Europeans, doesn’t it?

For every $25 you donate, one of the sleep-deprived bloggers will post on any topic you choose. Please drop in on Saturday and make a donation.

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