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My new advertiser and my new home

First of all, I’d like to welcome a new advertiser here, WMD: The Murderous Reign of Saddam Hussein. It’s a new movie, and even if you don’t see it up on the marquee at your local 20-screen megaplex, you can get a DVD for yourself at the very reasonable price of $19.95.
The creative minds behind this project include Brad L. Maaske, Jano Rosebiani, Victor Davis Hanson (a brilliant military historian and thinker), Evan Coyne Maloney (sane Americans’ answer to Michael Moore), and Judith Mendelsohn Rood. My copy of the DVD is on its way here, and when I get a chance to watch it I’ll let you know if it’s as good as it looks to be. In the meantime you can browse some good reviews here or check out the trailer here.
An excerpt describing the project:

Alarmed by the lack of outcry against the atrocities committed by Hussein’s regime, Maaske set out to uncover the truth surrounding the under-reported acts of atrocity committed directly by or under the command of Saddam Hussein, along with Iraq’s links to global terrorism and America’s military action to remove Hussein from power. Central to the story are eyewitness accounts and never-before-seen footage of chemical attacks, murders and torture leveled against the population of Iraq dating from Saddam’s corrupt rise to power and spanning more than two decades.

Although many filmmakers have chosen to ignore the horrific atrocities that the Iraqi people had to endure under Hussein and the sacrifice that American soldiers have made to free them from these atrocities, WMD directs the viewer to the little-known facts. Regardless of anyone’s political views, the story of Saddam Hussein’s evil reign, and the horrors that were thankfully ended by bringing this reign to an end, is one that all Americans should know.

Give WMD: The Murderous Reign of Saddam Hussein a look. I know I will.
Now, my second announcement. I’m moving on Saturday, so for the next several days my access to the ‘net will be spotty at best. I’ll be back in the saddle by Monday with a nice high-speed connection (or so Comcast assures me).
See you then if not sooner!