1. Speaking of Eason Jordan, here’s a great comic strip regarding that:
    P.S. I’m Ayad Rahim’s publicist from Cleveland. He and his family’s story is pretty amazing.

  2. You’re here in Cleveland?

  3. I’m sorry but there’s only one kind of person that thinks it’s fun to kill, and that kind of psychopath doesn’t belong in the uniform that my father wore, and his father before him.
    These comments are indefensable. I can’t even describe the outrage I felt at reading them, or that I feel now, to see these words defended. This kind of human filth is a blot on everything the Marines stand for.

  4. Oh, no! A military leader said bad things about the enemy! What will our European betters think? What if the insurgents are offended? They might get angry at us! Quick, someone fan my brow before I faint dead away.
    Get a grip.

  5. What will our European betters think?
    Who cares what they think? What I care about is that this turd in human form is leading decent people into battle. And he thinks it’s fun.
    This isn’t Patton-esque “rally the troops” morale-building or an old soldier talking about “war is hell.” This is a psychopath reveling in the enjoyment of killing people. He thinks it’s fun. This guy doesn’t belong in uniform; he belongs in prison, for the rest of his life.

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