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What are you doing about abortion?

If you’re a pro-lifer, stop for a moment and ask yourself what you’re doing to fight abortion in a concrete way. Roe v. Wade just turned 25, and we’ve seen lots of marches and vigils and essays from our side. Meanwhile, the slaughter continues.
Do something more. Volunteer at a crisis pregnancy center near you. Help your local right-to-life organizations by manning their booth at the county fair, by organizing a visit by an out-of-town seminar speaker, or by helping them lobby your state and local elected officials to enact pro-life legislation. Donate money to organizations that actually do more than posture and pontificate, and actually persuade the undecided to become pro-life. To use a football analogy, get in the ground game and run the ball downfield. If you truly understand that babies are being murdered daily in your own city, then you’ll get involved.
I’ll be away this evening at a crisis pregnancy center event, so I’ll probably not be blogging much. Think about chipping in, alright?