Turnabout offends prickly homosexuals

College Republicans at the University of Central Oklahoma plan on celebrating a Straight Pride Week:

“The general gist is that if you are a straight student on campus be proud, be loud, this is your time to shine,” said college Republican Kyle Houts.
The group has posted fliers on campus that read, “we’re here, we’re conservative, we’re out.”
Members of the Gay Alliance for Tolerance and Equality say they consider the College Republican’s celebration an attack on gay and lesbian students.
“What is there to say about it, ‘I’m proud, and I’m straight and I guess white,’ I don’t know?” said GATE member Jennifer Rodriguez. “I think they definitely are being discriminatory because there’s probably a lot of gay Republicans out there.”

How very intolerant and non-diverse of you, Ms. Rodriguez.
Hat tip: Backcountry Conservative

UPDATE: BuckeyePundit mirrors my own sentiments nicely, and The Open End calls for College Republicans at Ohio State to follow the Oklahoma group’s example.

  1. University of Central Oklahoma College Republican’s Straight Pride Week

    The OSU College Republicans need to do this. However, the club may be too chicken. If you support this idea, please email CR Chairman Calen Byers at byers.81(at)osu(dot)edu and voice your support.
    Puddle Pirate has more.

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  3. The day that white, straight Republicans are being strapped to fences and beaten to death, that’s the day they can have “Straight Pride Day.”
    Until then it’s highly disingenuous of you to suggest that this is anything but an attempt to spit in the eye of gay and lesbian groups. Why would a majority, with absolutely no risk of persecution, need to march anywhere? Is it discrimination? No. It’s just the adolescent spite you conservatives are so well-known for.

  4. This has nothing to do with Matthew Shepard, Chet. It is about showing the pomposity and the silliness of having an event entirely about sexual orientation.
    If you think people dancing in their underpants in a parade shows respect for the late Matthew Sheppard, you are wrong. In fact, its incredibly disrespectful.
    And adolescent spite? I think you’re referring to the Deaniacs. YAHRRRRRRRR!!!!!

  5. This has nothing to do with Matthew Shepard, Chet.
    It has everything to do with the persecution and ostracism that gay people have experienced for almost all of our nation’s history.
    Straight people have absolutely no reason to march, except to poke fun at gay people doing so – which you come right out and admit in your post! I find this parade outrageously disrespectful.
    If they had a “White Pride” parade, where they pantomimed gettting kicked off of buses and getting lynched, do you think you’d sit there with the same smug satisfaction? I doubt it. Hopefully even the likes of you could see that its outrageously distasteful to poke fun at the black civil rights movement.

  6. I don’t think there’s anything inherently wrong with disrespect toward any given viewpoint. You’re equating the College Republicans’ disrespect for the gay agenda with disrespect for gays themselves. The two are not synonymous.
    The gay rights movement has shown blatant disrespect for the morals and mores of straight people for an awful long time now, so their complaints about “Straight Pride Week” sound more than a wee bit hypocritical.
    The responsible reaction would be to allow the expression of a viewpoint they disagree with (hmmm … that reminds me of a word), followed by throttling back on the significant and very vocal segment of the gay population that seems bent on offending everyone it can.
    One doesn’t persuade the opposition to listen by encouraging nearly-naked men in drag to spank other men in nun costumes while parading down the street, then bursting into a church service to throw condoms and thus “raising awareness” of AIDS.
    Please take note that the College Republicans aren’t bursting into GLAAD meetings to throw Bibles or strapping mannequins to fences and burning them. They are demonstrating the absurd by being a tiny bit absurd themselves. Farce and satire are respectable and long-established forms of political expression. This kind of mild turnabout is fair play to all but those who hope to squash others’ free expression.
    The offended homosexuals in the article need to grow up, act like big boys and girls, and take a little ribbing in stride.

  7. “Tolerance” doesn’t mean we put up with the intolerant.
    he gay rights movement has shown blatant disrespect for the morals and mores of straight people for an awful long time now
    In what way, exactly? By not being straight? Boo f*ckin’ hoo.
    Let these people march. I never said they couldn’t. But I don’t see how people of conscience can support this, or how you think it reflects well on your conservative brethren. I don’t think the nun-spankings reflect well on the gay community, either. You’re right that acting like assholes rarely leads to breakthroughs of understanding. Which is why I don’t understand your support of the assholes on your own side.

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