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CBS Report dances around the obvious

I keep picking out interesting nuggets from the CBS Report, starting with page 14:

The Panel has not been able to conclude with absolute certainty whether the Killian documents are authentic or forgeries. However, the Panel has identified a number of issues that raise serious questions about the authenticity of the documents and their content. With better reporting, these questions should have been raised before the September 8 Segment aired. (emphasis added)


Animation by Charles Johnson

Animation created by Charles Johnson.
Then there’s page 223 of the CBS Report:

The Panel does not believe that evidence exists to demonstrate that the political leanings of any source influenced the production of the September 8 Segment. Doubtless, however, these sources to some degree sought to use 60 Minutes Wednesday to further their own political agendas, as they likely viewed a TexANG story on President Bush�s service as potentially helpful to efforts to defeat President Bush in his reelection campaign. (emphasis added)

Poppycock. This was a political hit piece, plain and simple. CBS News wanted the memos to be true because they would hurt President Bush’s re-election chances. If you can’t see that, you’re blind.