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So is it a crisis or not?

Paul Krugman, target of frequent fiskings, takes fire for his latest complaints about Social Security privatization from JustOneMinute:

Oh, it was privatizers on the right that invented the Social Security crisis? Then when Bill CLinton insisted in his State of the Union that we “Save Social Security first”, what was that about? And why did Al Gore keep going on (and on,and on) about his “lockbox”?
We all know the answer – Back in the era of budget surpluses Social Security was in a crisis discovered by Bill Clinton so that no one could cut taxes until Social Security was “saved”. Well, Republicans (with some Democratic votes) cut taxes without saving Social Security, but the public perception of crisis lingers.
Bill Clinton started this fire, but it was George Bush who brought the hotdogs and marshmallows. My Metaphor-Mixer is pointing towards “Reap what you sow”.

That’s going to leave a mark.