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Poor little Bambi

Ah, Cleveland’s annual suburban self-flagellation over culling the deer horde begins anew, courtesy of The Plain Dealer:

Wanted: residents willing to turn their back yard into a hunting ground where sharpshooters will set bait and pick off deer with high-powered rifles.

The plan is to bait each site with corn and to shoot the deer in the head when they show up to eat.
The killing project, which has drawn protests from animal rights groups, was approved by City Council in October, following hundreds of residents’ complaints of deer damaging garden beds, grazing on lawns and running through streets.
Council authorized $500,000 for the project, which includes processing the deer meat and donating it to a food bank for distribution to hunger centers.

The deer carcasses – about 100 a week – will be quickly loaded onto trucks and shipped to a meat processor within hours to prevent spoilage.

Lisa Hamler-Podolski, director of the Ohio Association of Second Harvest Food Banks, which represents 12 food banks in Ohio, including the Cleveland Foodbank, welcomes the deer meat.
She said growing demand to feed the poor is taking a toll on her agencies’ food stocks. “Right now there’s very little meat in the system,” she said. “This is coming at a really good time.”
The 600-head Solon kill, she estimated, is about half a tractor-trailer load of meat, or about 96,000 quarter-pound servings.

Attention, PETA members! Please hold your objections until you’ve seen the following pictures of my van, taken in October of this year:

Click on any image to see it full size.

Dang it.

Thankfully the deer that decided to become venison that night jumped out far enough ahead of me that I was able to slam on the brakes and get down to 40mph before we collided. I was on Interstate 80 with the cruise control set at 65, so you can imagine what a ~100 pound doe would do to a Dodge Caravan.
Enjoy those quarter pounders, homeless people.