Purple America

Robert J. Vanderbei at Princeton takes the red state / blue state meme to a much more informative level, using shades of purple on a county-by-county map to show the results of this election.

Purple America

On another map, he even added false mountains to designate areas with higher population.


What a great way to clearly convey a mountain of complex information. Edwin Tufte would be proud.

UPDATE: An apparent Tufte fan found a map of Purple America with highly-populated areas artificially expanded. Groovy.
UPDATE 2: More maps.
UPDATE 3: Another one using elevation for population differences between counties (I’m guessing it’s showing population density, not absolute population), and no shades of purple.

  1. Yep. It clearly shows that 48% of the American population wants this president outta here.
    Yeah, the scare tactics worked on keeping the nation divided. Thanks George. You’re President again. If the next four years are anything like your last you won’t have to worry about having the most memorable presidency in history…for all the wrong reasons. Congratulations.

  2. More purple maps

    County-by-county and population-density mountains….

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