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No more red kettles outside Target

Courtesy of Hugh Hewitt, I’ve learned that Target has banned The Salvation Army from collecting donations in front of its stores, according to The Boston Globe. How in the world could anyone object to an organization that does so much for the least and the lost? And don’t get me started about the exceptionally foolish timing of the ban, coming right before Christmas when the Salvation Army raises millions of dollars to help poor people get through the cold winter months. I suspect the underlying reason for Target’s decision is a combination of two things: gibbering fear of the grievance industry (thank you ACLU), and disdain for anything and everything Christian.
Even if you look at this from a gimlet-eyed perspective that cares only about the corporation’s bottom line, it’s a dumb move. Watch consumer outrage build, and watch Target’s sales plummet. The company will posture awhile, then cave in (too late). This is the season when the retail industry makes most of its annual income, so errors this big tend to bite you in the butt pretty doggone hard.
I’ll be skipping Target when I shop, and going to Wal-Mart instead, where the red kettle sits outside their front door. In the meantime, I ask you to consider making a donation via this online red kettle:

Donate online

Watch this page for any new press release from Target. If they decide to backtrack on this silly decision, it’ll likely start there.
If you’d like to express your views, feel free to e-mail Target at

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