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Meandering thru the Marsupials

Visiting the same old high-visibility blogs day after day gets boring, so I like to leave the beaten track and wander through the underbrush looking for interesting material. Here’s what I found on my latest sightseeing tour through the ranks of the Marauding Marsupials.
The Fly Bottle jumps from the evolution debate into a plea for the political Left to be honest about their desire to impose its agenda on the unwilling. After all, the Right’s up-front about its own plans.
Sharp As A Marble has been in a running debate on evolution. His evolution-backing opponents accuse him of simpleminded ignorance for his belief in intelligent design, so he replies with examples that show how they rely on the same kind of faith to support their own beliefs.
Dead Man Blogging is a theology professor who focuses on poking holes in the “God as a Grinning Grampa” meme that’s so loved in modern folk theology.
Christian Conservative disputes the old saw about religion being the cause of the world’s troubles, placing the blame for sectarian violence on those who divorce faith from intellect and conscience.
Brain Fertilizer explains how the word “choice” means different things to conservatives and to liberals. When they hear “choice”, liberals think “control” while conservatives think “opportunity.”
LawMeme re-evaluates Project Honeypot, and approves of its effort to trap e-mail spammers’ harvesting programs and trace them to the companies supporting them. The next step? Legally there’s not much to be done, but there’s promise in consumer education and in blacklisting the ISPs hosting spammers.
Biased BBC ridicules the Beeb’s exhaustive coverage of the U.S. Marine who shot the likely terrorist in Fallujah … while ignoring the French military’s probable massacre of civilian protestors in an Ivory Coast incident. This blogger wonders with tongue in cheek whether the BBC might be partially funded by the French government.
The Hopeful Cynic sifts through a survey of Americans claiming to be well informed on events in the Middle East, and highlights some depressingly funny answers to the question “Do you know who Yasser Arafat is?”
The Black Republican brings perspective to Thanksgiving with his memory of visits to his dad’s VFW Post, and recalls the time he found out what blue stars and gold stars meant.
Jessica’s Well points out a columnist who thinks that the real key to a Democratic Party renaissance is … wait for it … semantics.