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Is the “Dear Leader” Il?

Something fishy’s going on in North Korea. Kim Jong Il hasn’t been seen in some time, supposedly because he’s in mourning over the death of his favorite concubine. Reports indicate that the cult of personality around Kim and his father may be eroding, and it’s certainly odd that portraits of the “Dear Leader” are reportedly coming down from very prominent places. Anti-Kim leaflets have reportedly been popping up in inconvenient places. Japanese politicians, who normally limit statements about their nutty neighbor to vague nothings, have begun to mention the possibility that change is in the air. The last Stalinist regime on earth might be quietly undergoing major internal power struggles.
Some speculate that a coup’s in the offing, spurred by China at America’s request (in return for a major concession in our Taiwan policy). I remain skeptical, so I’ll keep watching to see what else shakes loose. Let me know if you spot something pertinent.
On a related note, the demise of the nuclear bunker buster bomb project will figure prominently in the geopolitical calculations of our adversaries, especially in Iran and North Korea.