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Third debate roundup

We’ve had about 18 hours to mull over the final presidential debate, so here’s a roundup of the best analysis I’ve found so far.
PoliPundit applies his usually-reliable snap judgment method of picking a winner to declare “this election is over” … Bush is going to win.
Hugh Hewitt thinks Kerry’s toast. To his way of thinking, Kerry hurt his prospects with voting mothers by using Lynne & Dick Cheney’s daughter as a political prop. Hugh also notes the importance of the NRA entering the fray, and thinks that the new Kerry healthcare soundbites can beef up the “Hillarycare” bludgeon enough to allow Bush/Cheney to crush Kerry/Edwards. Don’t miss Hugh’s list of contrasts, either; copy and e-mail it to your centrist and undecided friends.
Jim Geraghty was on Hugh Hewitt’s show yesterday, and responded favorably to the host’s optimism. Geraghty’s featured post on The Kerry Spot today says “forget the polls.”
Stephen Green, the impressive Vodkapundit, hasn’t voted a straight Republican ticket since 1988. But he’s now convinced that the Democrats value power more than our democratic institutions. The latest round of electoral abuses and fraud lead the Vodkapundit to conclude that the Dems are “trying, however inadvertently, to destroy the Republic in order to rule it.” He’ll be voting a straight Republican ticket this time.
Arthur Chrenkoff, an Australian who emigrated from Poland, is none too amused over Kerry’s “real alliances” meme … which disses Australia and Poland.
Michelle Malkin debunks both candidates’ responses to the flu vaccine question.
James at Outside The Beltway gathers the reactions to Kerry’s use of Mary Cheney’s homosexuality as an example when answering the question about whether being gay is a choice.
JustOneMinute has insights on Mary Cheney, outsourcing the hunt for Osama, Democrat spin, and Kerry’s inflated legislation claims. I won’t summarize them; it’d fill this post to overflowing. Just go read ’em.