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Bleg: best pistol for concealed carry

A question for firearms experts: what pistol(s) do you recommend for a paraplegic with limited grip strength, who wants to carry a concealed weapon while in a manual wheelchair?
It’ll be carried in either a shoulder holster or a holster positioned in the small of the back. The jurisdiction is Ohio, so the rules & restrictions are not an issue. It should be relatively lightweight and easily concealable, of average reliablity (or better), with better-than-average stopping power, a caliber of .38 or larger, and shouldn’t be too hard to break down and clean. Magazine capacity, appearance and price tag are immaterial. Utility über alles.

UPDATE: I’ve re-opened the comments, now that Publicola and Say Uncle have chimed in (wish I’d noticed that sooner!). Thanks, folks. This helps alot!