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Zoom out & check the forest

Lileks looks up from the trees and gets a broad view of the news media forest:

I think the number of people who regard the evening news as straight truth delivered by disinterested observers, can be numbered in the high dozens. Blogs haven�t toppled old media. The foundations of Old Media were rotten already. The new media came along at the right time. Put it this way: you�ve see films of old buildings detonated by precision demolitionists. First you see the puffs of smoke � then the building just hangs there for a second, even though every column that held it up has been severed. We�ve been living in that second for years, waiting for the next frame. Well, here it is. Roll tape. Down she goes. And when the dust settles we will be right back where we were 100 years ago, with dozens of fiercely competitive media outlets throwing elbows to earn your pennies.

Maybe it’s time for me to find a less-crowded niche.

UPDATE: More from The Belmont Club. I’m always impressed by Wretchard’s thinking, and by his ability to communicate it so clearly.