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Well, whaddaya know?

Finally! A Kerry/Edwards press release that I almost completely agree with! Who’d have thought they’d publish a list of reasons to vote for Bush/Cheney on their own web site, without refutations? Excerpts:

Lawsuits Are Driving Up Health Care Costs & Hurting Job Growth.
Bush Good for Immigrants.
Bush Has Done A Good Job With Our Allies.
Bush Did It Right Going to War Against Iraq.
Bush Economy is Humming Along & Creating Good Jobs.
Republicans Are Protecting the Environment.

Except for the few points marked “lie”, I’d say the Kerry campaign has done us a favor. Must be the new staff. Do you suppose they hired their P.R. people from Rove Staffing Services, Inc.?
Hat tip: LGF

UPDATE: Wizbang is on the case.
UPDATE 2: The page disappeared for awhile, then reappeared. An aborted attempt to hide the document from we bloggers of the Republican Attack Machine©? More at Outside The Beltway and Mudville Gazette.
UPDATE 3: It’s gone again. Too late, though. I have a copy.

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