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Short absence

I’ll be out of town until October 3rd, so whether I manage to post anything will depend on the quality of wireless access on the road. Try these sites to fill the gap:
Hugh Hewitt is the dean of the center right bloggers (listen to his nationally-syndicated radio show here).
National Review runs The Corner as a group blog. Its writers and editors comment on politics and pop culture, with the occasional aside on the latest squirrel attack.
Redstate features posts by Republican bloggers both well-known and obscure. You’ll find some real gems every week.
Lileks is wickedly funny when he’s not chauffeuring his young daughter to the next playdate.
Drop in on The Belmont Club for thoughtful analysis of trends in world events.
To watch three guys in the northern midwest successfully take on the Associated Press, CBS News, Dan Rather, and the Minneapolis Star Tribune, read Power Line.