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Russian airline profiles Chechens

Donald Sensing of One Hand Clapping relays the news that two women from Chechnya didn’t make their scheduled connecting flights:

Pilots of a Russian airline, KrasAir, refused to take off from the Egyptian city of Sharm el Sheik when two Chechen women boarded and locked themselves in the lavatory.
The St. Petersburg times reports, however, that the two women simply went to the bathroom after boarding.
Two Chechen women are believed by Russian investigators to have bombed the two airliners downed last week within an hour of each other, killing hundreds. Another woman used the same kind hexogen explosive to carry out a suicide bombing in a Moscow subway last Tuesday.

Chechen women also blew themselves up with suicide bomb belts at the Beslan school massacre last week, and Chechen women wore suicide bomb belts when they took over a Moscow theater in 2002. Hmmm, might there be a pattern here?
America needs to start profiling. I’d rather face ACLU lawyers than a suicide bomber.