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Roundup: Beslan school massacre

I have nothing new or unique to offer on the Beslan school massacre perpetrated by Islamists in Russia, other than my condolences and prayers (for comfort to the victims and neverending torment for the terrorists). Instead, I’ll just point you toward the best stuff I’ve found.
Michelle Malkin gathers key analyses of Russia’s 9/11.
So does Donald Sensing at One Hand Clapping.
Victor Davis Hanson thinks we should brace ourselves for terror attacks in the months ahead.
Dave Kopel has a suggestion on how to prevent a Beslan massacre here.
Mark Steyn calls it right: No other word for it but slaughter.
Wretchard at The Belmont Club wonders just what Vladimir Putin’s supposed to do, exactly?
Charles at Little Green Footballs points out a British muslim cleric who supports kidnapping women and children.
Getty Images has five pages of photographs. Blogs of War has a single photo of the aftermath.
The locals in Beslan caught one of the terrorists, lynched him, and tore him to pieces. And I wouldn’t be surprised if the Ossetians seek revenge on the Chechens sometime around November 7th (see the end of this story).