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Kidnap spam

Arthur Chrenkoff just posted news about a jihadi group that claims to have kidnapped two Aussies in Iraq. The odd part is that no Aussie is missing.
That got me thinking.
Imagine what would happen if an intelligence agency started masquerading as a bunch of Islamist kidnappers who don’t actually snatch anybody, but broadcast ransom demand hoaxes anyway. Would it end up creating a “kidnap spam” meme?
Perhaps it could discredit the real kidnappers by associating them with an apparent swarm of gangs-that-can’t-shoot-straight. The end goal might be a worldwide public that shrugs and thinks “there those fools go again” every time some group makes a ransom demand. The spooks running the hoaxes would have to take care that their agency never gets implicated, and instead make it look like opportunistic jihadi wanna-bes goofing things up.
Or consider this twist. The spooks could pose as members of real groups to damage somebody’s “street cred.”
Or how about claiming to have kidnapped members of rival groups in an effort to start internecine squabbles among the jihadis? Just send Delta Force or the SAS to snatch a jihadi boss, hide him somewhere for a long time, fake his beheading, and sit back to watch the fireworks. Imagine what our Hollywood special effects wizards could cook up!
Then again, “kidnap spam” could spur the real kidnappers to new depths of barbarism in an effort to break through the static of ransom hoaxes.
Call it an off-the-wall tactic in a war of ideas, but it might be one small way to undermine the Islamists’ one weapon: publicity.
Any thoughts, folks?

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