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“He’s going in the pond!”

A Great White Shark has wandered into a saltwater marsh in Massachusetts, and the locals are trying to figure out what to do.

A great white shark was identified and tagged with a satellite tracking device after being found swimming in the waters off Cape Cod.
Gregory Skomal, a shark specialist for the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries, said it is the first time a great white has ever been tagged in the Atlantic Ocean.
The shark — estimated to be 15 feet long and weighing 2,000 pounds — was spotted earlier this week in shallow waters near Naushon Island, which is off Woods Hole. While great whites aren’t unusual in the North Atlantic, marine biologists say they generally don’t go that close to shore.
Skomal told the Cape Cod Times that he used a six-foot spear to attach the tracking device to the shark’s dorsal fin.

That is one big critter.
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