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Feel free to put a sock in it

The Kerry Krew just fired two more dud rounds against President Bush this week, and they sound something like this: “Bush was AWOL from the Texas Air National Guard” (gee, that’s original) and “Bush snorted cocaine at Camp David.” Too bad he earned every point in every year to meet his TANG service obligations, and the “source” of the coke story denies ever making the allegation.
Since we’re still looking at old service records, Senator Kerry, how about releasing all of your records?
Double hat tip: Captain’s Quarters (here and here)

UPDATE: More on Bush’s service here.
UPDATE 2: Power Line looks at the “smoking gun” documents from the 60 Minutes episode on the AWOL charge, and uncovers possible forgery.
UPDATE 3: Power Line continues to ram the lance home, this time noting that even the Associated Press is looking askance at CBS.
UPDATE 4: Too funny.
UPDATE 5: The New York Times is reluctantly nibbling.
UPDATE 6: Funnier still.