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The robot bartender

Here’s a joke that landed in my inbox today.

A man walks into a bar and finds that the bartender is a robot. The man orders a drink, and the robot asks him his IQ. The man replies that his score is 150. With that, the robot begins discussing nuclear physics, hydrogen power cells, and the current state of the global atmosphere.
Impressed, the man decides to find out what happens if he doesn’t claim to be quite as bright. He leaves the bar, comes right back in and orders a drink. Again, the robot asks him for his IQ. This time the man tells him it’s 100. So the robot starts discussing football, basketball, and the proper way to grill a steak.
The man repeats the experiment one last time. When he comes back in for a third time and orders a drink, he tells the robot that his IQ is 50. The robot replies: “So, are you Democrats really going to vote for Kerry?”