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The lame spin begins

Atrios floats a trial balloon … and fails miserably to answer Hugh Hewitt’s challenge to answer the Swift Boat Veterans’ debunking of John Kerry’s “Christmas in Cambodia” tall tale.

Cambodia regularly charged that forces attacked targets, military and civilian, in their territory throughout this time period. I’ll leave it to contemporary scholars to unravel the truth/lack of truth of those claims. But, it’s quite clear that at this time the US was in possession of quite a bit of intelligence about North Vietnamese troop positions and strongholds in Cambodia which would have been difficult to derive without some cross-border surveillance.

Oh, I see. Because Cambodia said US troops crossed into its territory at some point, then John Kerry must have been there on Christmas Eve in 1968 … despite all the evidence to the contrary. Why didn’t I see it before?
Please. Try again, Atrios.

UPDATE: Here’s the latest from The Daily Kos. Get a load of the comments; the Kos denizens are looking for anything to cling to.

UPDATE 2: Atrios slings more mud. And still has no substantive response.