Swift Boat Veterans for Truth ram Kerry’s foundering campaign

The swifties have obviously read their Sun Tzu, and are applying maximum force to their opponent’s weakest point.
First, go watch this ad. Then, read the script. Next, read a free chapter from “Unfit For Command“, a new book recounting the observations of Kerry’s comrades in arms from Vietnam.

Unfit for Command: Swift Boat Veterans Speak Out Against John Kerry

Follow it up with a look at Senator McCain’s defense of Kerry (ironic, since his campaign finance “reform” bill made this possible), and the response from the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth.
Last, note the Kerry campaign’s written response and their ill-advised threats of lawsuits against any TV stations that air the ad. Talk about dumping blood in media-infested waters! They’re protesting too loudly; they know they’re terribly vulnerable.
My thousand-word summary of Kerry’s chances?

Have the bugler sound “Taps.”