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Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain

The knives are out. Lefty writer Duncan B. Black is on the hunt for dirt, and on Friday he found some on Jerry Corsi, co-author of “Unfit For Command“, the Kerry-debunking book from the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth.
Since the Kerry campaign won’t give a straight answer about the inconsistencies in Kerry’s “Christmas in Cambodia” story, what have they done instead? Why, they trotted out the standard Democrat debate tactic, of course! Smear, discredit, attack, distract, distort. Bravo, Atrios (a.k.a. D.B.B. … that is, Duncan B. Black).
So I guess that the discovery of Jerry Corsi’s coarse comments on the Free Republic forums leads inexorably to the conclusion that Kerry was in Cambodia on Christmas Eve in 1968. Silly us. Brilliant work, Duncan.

UPDATE: Hugh Hewitt just spotted Atrios’ lame attempt at spin. Also, note lefty blogger Matt Yglesias’ ringing non-endorsement. Don’t expect much in the way of substantive defense from Thomas Lang of CJR’s Campaign Desk, who seems to think that “serving with” Kerry means “in the same boat with”, not “in a boat a few yards away from” … which allows reliable observation of young Kerry’s behavior. Nice try, CJR.
Just go watch this.

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