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Fraudulent Purple Hearts & no Cambodia Christmas

The first detonation in the Swift Boat Veterans controversy made waves. Now we’ve got secondaries.
Captain’s Quarters has new information on the swift boat TV ad that’s got John Kerry so frightened. In response to the Democrat lawyers acting as Kerry’s hit squad, the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth have sent letters to the TV stations that the Democrats threatened to sue. To reassure the TV stations that they won’t be liable for defamation, the Swifties have had their own legal team explain the truth behind the ad in more detail. Plus, Captain’s Quarters is tracking the mainstream media’s slowly growing coverage of the “Christmas in Cambodia” story (see below for more links).
Keep it in mind that Kerry’s campaign is just as responsible as the Democratic National Committee for the threat letters. His general counsel co-signed the letters.
Reader drymast points out another weakness in Kerry’s denigration of Larry Thurlow’s Bronze Star:

One point about Larry Thurlow’s Bronze star. There are two types of Bronze stars: one is for meritorious service in non-combat related activities. The other is a Bronze star … for valor in combat. I suspect that Thurlow received the lesser of the two bronze stars for helping pull the damaged SWIFT boat to safety, while Kerry fraudulently won the Bronze star with Oak Leaf clusters by lying on his after-action report that he was under enemy fire. So you see, there is probably nothing hypocritical about Thurlow criticizing Kerry.

I’d missed that point. It’s entirely possible that in one action, Thurlow received his Bronze Star for meritorious service or acheivement performed with distinction, and Kerry received his for fraudulently claiming to have been a brave lad under enemy fire.
Further, John of Castle Arrgggh reminds us not to call Kerry’s wounds “self-inflicted”, and I think he’s right. Call them “accidentally self-inflicted.”
The biggest controversy is Kerry’s stories about spending Christmas of 1968 in Cambodia. Under fire. Or maybe not. Or delivering a CIA operative. Or maybe not. Or maybe not even in Cambodia.
No Oil For Pacifists has a great summary of Kerry’s “Christmas in Cambodia” lie. This one’s going to really hurt him.
There’s lots more available at Hugh Hewitt, Instapundit, and Captain’s Quarters (I won’t link individual posts because you need to scan through several at each site to get the picture).
Mudville Gazette did an interview with one of the Swift Boat Vets recently that’s also worth reading.
My thousand words on Kerry’s campaign today?

Train wreck!

This ought to be fun to watch.