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Your pension system might be funding terrorist-sponsoring states. Frank Gaffney has spearheaded a new project called which uncovers companies and pension funds that do business with states that sponsor terrorism: is a nationwide campaign aimed at some 400 public companies worldwide that are providing revenues, technology and moral cover to governments that sponsor terrorism. The primary objective of this campaign is to starve terrorists of essential funding and technical support. To illustrate how such a campaign can achieve this objective, please review our synopsis of the South Africa Model of the 1980’s that succeeded in ending apartheid. envisions using financial pressure to achieve three types of divestment: 1) Forcing countries that sponsor terror to divest themselves of the material, logistical, intelligence and other support they give enemies of this country; 2) compelling companies to divest activities in terrorist-sponsoring states that fail to sever such ties; and 3) divesting the stocks of companies that persist in aiding and abetting state-sponsors of terror.

It’s a sobering thought. The Islamists are using our own money to fund their efforts to kill us. Go browse the site, and start taking action to pressure these folks to dry up the terrorists’ lifeline. Hit the scumbags where it hurts!
Hat tip: Hugh Hewitt