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Cleveland Plain Dealer’s bad news embargo enters Day 16

John Kerry lied about his service in Vietnam, and The Cleveland Plain Dealer has one response:

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It’s been over two weeks since the accusations surfaced, and it sure looks like they’re trying to hold out for another 74 days.
As I predicted yesterday, today’s PD has reported nothing about the most damning news: Kerry’s “Christmas in Cambodia” lie, which Kerry’s campaign was forced to admit as such. There are six stories today mentioning John Kerry, and not a one of them even touches the Cambodia story. The PD focuses on “medals, medals, medals” when the explosive story is “Cambodia, Cambodia, Cambodia.” Don’t even get me started on Kerry’s magic hat and his adventures in gun-running. This guy’s another Walter Mitty masquerading as a presidential nominee, but apparently that’s not news around here.
I’m forced to conclude that the Plain Dealer is trying to protect their candidate, John Kerry. Rather than mention the news that’s finally breaking into public view (depite furious mainstream media spin), the PD continues to abdicate its responsibility to report it. Instead, they run a single AP article reporting on Kerry’s speech yesterday (“parroting Kerry’s speech” would be a more accurate description). But at least the AP wrote something, which beats the PD’s non-effort.
I did find one mention of Kerry’s “Christmas in Cambodia” lie in today’s paper … in a letter to the editor by Corrie Bergeron of Eastlake, Ohio. Bravo, Corrie! You’ve managed to do more reporting on the biggest political story around than the nation’s twentieth largest newspaper.

UPDATE: More here.