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Cleveland Plain Dealer still stalling

I’ve been pointing out the Cleveland Plain Dealer‘s embargo on news addressing John Kerry’s lies about his service in Vietnam, and I don’t plan to stop. To this day, the only article that even mentions John Kerry’s “Christmas in Cambodia” lie is this one, which gently skims the surface thus:

Kerry also said in the Senate in 1986 that he entered Cambodia on secret missions, which would have been illegal, and in other accounts he specifically recalled being there on Christmas Eve, 1968, a memory “seared” in his mind.
Fellow officers and living commanders said he was 55 miles from the Cambodian border and never entered Cambodia.
They also criticize him for associating President Nixon with the alleged Cambodian incursions of 1968, since Nixon didn’t take office until 1969.
Kerry adviser Michael Meehan said on Friday that Kerry was “near and around the border” on Dec. 24, 1968 – Christmas Eve – and “for certain he transported Special Operations folks into Cambodia” other times.

Talk about missing the point and omitting the real story. So that’s the way we get our printed “news” in Cleveland. No other mention of the lie. Anywhere.
I can guess why.