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Blowback from the Swiftie “Kerry lied” ad

The swift boat vets lit the fuse, and the detonation continues.
When you hear lefties whining about the evil, shadowy right-wing cabals who fund the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, remember that the whiners are the ones who pioneered this trick. Discount their protests accordingly … and thank John McCain, Russ Feingold, Chris Shays, and Marty Meehan for the campaign finance “reform” that spawned this hard-to-track funding mess. Don’t forget to thank George W. Bush for signing it (stupid, stupid, stupid) and the U.S. Supreme Court for upholding its constitutionality.
Power Line parses the DNC lawyers’ threat letter and finds hints of desperation in the carefully-worded “denial” of the ad’s accusations and in the not-so-veiled threat of lawsuits against any TV station that airs the ad. Dean Esmay has some sharp obsservations about the actual content of the swifties’ allegations and the DNC’s tactics in response … and those observations are not flattering.
Daily Kos questions the Bronze Star awarded to a Kerry-critical swiftie. Referencing Judy Woodruff’s interview of Larry Thurlow, the lefty bloggers wonder why Thurlow questions Kerry’s Purple Heart from an allegedly nonexistent firefight on 3/16/69, when Thurlow himself won a Purple Heart for that same action. The implication is that if Kerry’s Purple Heart is bogus, then Thurlow’s must be, too. A good question, and one I’m sure the DNC hit squads will dig into thoroughly.
There’s also a bit of wavering from the swifties. LCDR George Elliott, one of Kerry’s former Commanding Officers, who signed an affidavit awhile back that claimed Kerry didn’t deserve his Silver Star from 2/28/69, is retracting his assertion. Interestingly, this appears to be a retraction of a retraction. Watch for the liberals to savage him as an unreliable witness, and watch for the conservatives to leave him to twist in the wind for the same reason. This guy is certainly not smart to be signing affidavits willy-nilly, and now he’s going to get the full-on media muck-rake treatment. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was spurred by some unpleasant pressure from leftist layers and investigators, so be wary of a retraction of the retraction of the retraction. (Talk about election time being “silly season”!)
In all of the blather about this, keep the main point focused in your mind. It’s not about Vietnam, or campaign finance, or evil right-wingers, or the press vs. bloggers. It’s all about John Kerry’s truthfulness and judgment, his 20-year record in the Senate, and whether he’s qualified to be our commander-in-chief during a war for our very survival.
Oh, one more thing. Keep your heads down, swifties. Incoming!

UPDATE: Michael Kranish, the author of the article about LCDR Eliiott’s backtracking, is a Kerry biographer. In fact, he’s drafting the official Kerry/Edwards campaign biography. Elliott says that Kranish misrepresented him, and Elliott reaffirms his support for the affidavit. Interestinger and interestinger …

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