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Atlas Line scams $30,000 from a charity

Atlas Line is a shipping company that was under contract to deliver three shipments of charity items to Iraq. Instead, they scammed $30,000 from Operation Give:

Operation Give has shipped three cargo containers full of toys and other donated items for the children of Iraq.
We used the company, Atlas Line, to arrange this for us.
All three cargo containers’ passage has been paid in full.
Because of the dangerous situation in Iraq, the Kuwaiti company responsible for the containers required a $10,000 per container deposit after some difficulty delivering the first container to Baghdad. We learned of this AFTER all three containers had been shipped.
Operation Give paid this deposit through Atlas Lines.
The last deposit check for $20,000 was credited to the bank account of Atlas Line on June 20th. This is nearly a month after the first deposit check for $10,000 was credited to their account.
Atlas Line was supposed to WIRE this money to the company in Kuwait immediately upon receipt.
Atlas Line has given various excuses, from saying the bank held the checks, to saying they sent the checks via FedEx, to saying they were sent via regular mail, to claiming they had cleared their accounts, back to saying they would send the checks. ALL of these statements have been shown to be false.
After every excuse, Atlas Line has refused to show even a basic amount of proof that any of actions have been taken.

Read the rest of the post, then contact Atlas Line and pressure them to do the right thing.
Atlas Line (
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Atlas Line (USA), Inc.
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